My Favorite Human Beings

My life is by absolutely no means perfect but it does have perfect moments. I can honestly say that some of the funnest nights I have had in my entire life have simply been when I am just at home surrounded with good company. Just casually watching the notebook and piling into my bed (the polaroids and documentation of these memories is also a bonus) It is such a blessing that I have beautiful people in my life to create moments with. The kind of people that we could never run out of things to talk about together and that can laugh so hard together we are all on the verge of peeing our pants. This always makes me think of them. Looking back on my life I think it is these nights that I will cherish most.

I love this polaroid more than anything. These pictures remind me so much of this little bit of inspiration for some reason

"you don't get that many people in your life that you can just tell anything to" -LC