Mama Mia!

This was such an unforgettable day. Lexi's mom somehow got tickets to see Mama Mia at the Smith Center this weekend and was kind enough to let Maddie and me make an occasion of it. I had the most incredible time and had the realization today that watching performances is most definitely a passion of mine. I wouldn't say I love being on stage but watching it can give me chills. Of course we hauled the camera & polaroid with us on this journey and I am awfully glad that we did. 
I swear the Smith Center is one of the most elegant places you'll go
Me and Lexi have a thing against heels. Our feet just can't take it. It's kind of a reoccurring event.
Post Mama Mia we are dancing queens
(this is also my 100th blog post just to put that out there)