January Hilights

What a fantastic beginning to this new year. Some highlights of this month have been of course celebrating and ringing in the new year with some of my nearest & dearest, going back to school (more of an occurrence then a hilight), enduring making it through finals week, enjoying a lovely production of Mama Mia, taking a Saturday adventure to Paris (you know, the one that is 40 minutes away from where I live), taking a very last minute and spontaneous trip to California, and of course that one basketball game that was a super-close-last-second-shot-at-the-basket that we won! It was definitely one of those "High School Musical" moments. Oh yeah, and probably the most important event of this year: finally having a beautiful smile. The new year is off to an absolutely incredible start. If the past 31 days are a reflection and foreshadowing of the next 334 then I think I have quite a bit to be elated about.