California Weekend Spontaneity

While spontaneous trips are so fun and exciting they can be quite stressful. Waking up at 10 a.m. on a Saturday and hearing your sister call upstairs to you "Madison we are going to California!" The frantic scrambling to get all your stuff together begins. Pack a swimsuit, shave your legs, charge the camera, re-load the polariod camera with film, gather up some outfits, etc., etc., etc. (and do all of this in the course of an hour I may add) nonetheless, we managed to get ourselves to the airport in good time and catch a flight that would get us to the beach right as the sun was setting. It was such a beautiful sight. This entire weekend was definitely a flashback to summer which aroused many sentimental and nostalgic feelings- both happy and sad as I found myself in the same locations I was in during July. Despite the hustling to get ready and all that, I love just hopping on a plane last minute and having a fun weekend getaway. Even though the second I touch back down in Las Vegas the stress and list of things I need to get done floods into my mind, California (or any change of scenery for that matter) always brings some serenity and feeds my wander lusting mind.
falling into the freezing water was inevitable
and seriously how artsy is this wall of plants?
the ferris wheel (and also clearly embracing my beach hair… yikes)

a quick stop at the beach in the morning before we headed back

*and may I also just add: Is is seriously January? I see other people's blog posts about ice skating and winter snow and then here I am talking about life at the beach. Oh how I love the west coast weather.