The Most Wonderful Week of The Year

It is quite the tradition to have a week of wonderful dress up days and exciting events at school before winter break begins. It is one of my favorite weeks of the year and puts me in the holiday spirit so much. What a crazy thought it is that it is already winter break… it feels like yesterday was October and we were having homecoming festivities. 

Pajama day (without a doubt the best dress up day of the year)

Ugly holiday sweater day *I just love that in the background of these pictures you can find some miscellaneous spirit posters and event signs. They just make the photos so authentic to me for some reason

Also on Tuesday I had the most wonderful opportunity to go caroling in the back of this festive trailer. It really put me into the holiday mood and helped me to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas

white out (toga) day. For a little extra credit we could dress up as Romans. It's a bit of a 10th grade tradition so walking around in a white sheet all day just screamed sophomore… oh the things we do for good grades.

spirit shirts & holiday assembly

as fun as this week was I am so grateful that it is over. Winter break will bring so many new memories and a nice relaxing time from the unbearable stresses of education. The best is yet to come. Merry Christmas break!