I love the holiday season for a lot of reasons. Many of them being the glittered ribbons and 30% off sales everywhere but also the joy everyone seems to feel. The holidays allow us to shut off just for a day or two the business of life and reflect. I have an incomprehensible amount in my life to be thankful for. I am grateful of course for my family, I couldn't imagine my life without the loving arms of my mom and dad and for a darling sister and brother. I'm thankful for the gospel and every blessing that comes with it. For the most gorgeous friends to share so many of my good times, bad times, and favorite memories with. Also for many other teachers, leaders, etc. that I am blessed to be acquainted with who shape me into the person I am & inspire me every day. I'm grateful for the little things like pinterest and my warm bed. In summary, I am blessed. 

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a hilight of my thanksgivings has always been giving and receiving thanksgiving texts from my friends and loved ones. This holiday is such a perfect opportunity to share how much someone means to you