Mix Tape 1

Lately I have been noticing more and more people sharing all of their favorite songs through their blog. So because of my stunning lack of posts these past few days and my desperation for something to share I decided to hop on the bandwagon and share a few of the gems I have been listening to lately. Hopefully this will maybe become a regular thing. Enjoy!

Track List:
1. Hannah Hunt // Vampire Weekend
2. Dreaming My Life Away // Best Coast
3. Featherstone // The Paper Kites
4. Step // Vampire Weekend
5. Until The Last Falling Star // Matthew Perryman Jones
6. Gravity // Sara Bareilles
7. How Long Will I Love You // Ellie Goulding
8. The Greatest // Cat Power
9. Cutty Love // Milo Greene
10. Seven Hours feat. Aqualang // Lucy Schwartz

play above or listen here