Fun Foreign Night & Fun Foreign Friends

Welcome to the story of the best night of my life. It might not have been the best but it definitely is a story for the life history books. One simple call from Lexi is pretty much all it takes for me to become involved in an adventure... So this fine Friday night Lexi was supposed to babysit supervise some distantly related kids (dad's cousin's friend's ???)  from the lovely country of Spain and invited me to tag along. We had never met the people before and barely knew anything about them. The only details we had were that they were about our age, were from Europe, and were anxious to explore our home city. So we drove down to the strip and met the 4 of them at a hotel they were staying at. Some of this evening's whereabouts included riding the New York New York roller coaster (my first time even though I'm basically native to Vegas), sampling international cokes at the Coke Factory, indulging in the king kong at Sugar Factory, enjoying the Bellagio fountains, and giving our foreign friends a tour of the city. It truly was a splendid time and such a pleasure to become friends with four foreign strangers. After all, it's a rare opportunity to spend a night with people from the other side of the world. 

we were pretty ecstatic at the end of the night... after all it's not every day that we get cheek kisses from good looking foreign boys. It was incredibly necessary that we jump for joy after leaving the hotel room.

direct quote from the November 1st journal entry:
"we finished off the night with some lovely pictures. And a cheek kiss! It was completely necessary that me and Lexi jump for joy after leaving the hotel room. After all, now we can say that we have been kissed by a foreign boy. So I think it's safe to assume that November is off to an incredible start. Hello November and hello boys from Spain. I have virgin cheeks no longer."