For The Past 17 Days

Is it sad that I haven't posted anything in almost three weeks and only have 3 pictures to show for it? Yes, yes it is. Life lately has just been hectic. It's ok though because I am officially all caught up on Grey's Anatomy so I should have a ton more free time *thumbs up emoji here* Direct quote from my journal: "Chemistry is absolutely ridiculous. School in general is pretty much the jaws of hell but chemistry is just especially challenging. I was studying all weekend for the test. Results for my class aren't quite in but I know I didn't get an A. I was talking with a friend and she told me that she got a 74% and I told her that was super good and she was really happy with it. And then we agreed that we have officially hit rock bottom because of the fact that we are praising ourselves and jumping for joy over C's." Aside from impossible school work there have been a few moments of happiness. And those can be captured in the following pictures. Enjoy!

Young Women's in Excellence. I absolutely love these girls. We lift each other up and that to me is so special
the night after volleyball state championships. After lots of begging and convincing that our youth would be wasted spending Saturday nights doing nothing they came over. And it was a great night after all. 

After Mayor's breakfast. Aren't we fancy?