Flashes Of Delight

As far as this week goes, the struggle has been real. Very, very real. School is starting to pick up, also the workload, and life is occurring. So in the midst of it all it has been hard for me to remain optimistic. So I decided to document the little things that made me happy these past few days. Flashes of delight. Enjoy!

1. These shoes. The hot season is quickly coming in and I am desperately wearing them as much as I can before my toes will be a little too chilly in them. But seriously I am obsessed. (these flowers also made me pretty happy too)

2. My room. The place in this world that I can do anything I want, journal, read (mostly blogs), explore pinterest, and just think. And I found this little poster from castle embroidery. It simply had to go on my nightstand because it summarizes my entire life. My room is my happy place. My bed is my happy place. So this is so the happy place.  

I also really liked this other little fabric goodie from Castle

3. This polaroid and these letters. I love my polaroid. So naturally I made it my phone wallpaper
  (which looks fantastic on iOS7 by the way)

4. These little paintings/posters from this etsy shop. I find so much inspiration in these works of art. 

So those were a few fragments of positivity that were in my life this week. #focusingonthegood