A Night On The Town // Birthday Celebration

Today was a special day. For the reason that I am now officially no longer 14 years old. Finally today I turned the big one five. And I had a pretty sweet quince. Today's celebrations included surprise room decorations, balloons, macaroons, and orange wall photo shoots with some of the sweetest friends in the world. So thank you everybody that helped make my 5,475th day of life pretty grand. I couldn't imagine a better way to say hello to 15. Enjoy!

A misjudgment about Las Vegas locals is that we live in hotels, go to the strip, and party every weekend. And while this might be true for some, me and the people I like to be around make a journey to the strip only on occasions. But when there is a time for celebrating {my birthday} a night on the town is absolutely necessary. So that's exactly what we did. There is just such a wonderful feeling that comes with getting all dressed up for a special night. I had such a wonderful time eating delicious treats at sugar factory, going on a city adventure, and taking some pictures- even a polaroid. Even though by the end my feet were literally falling off it truly was a grand night.

thanks to hannah for the polaroid. it's a nice one
and that's exactly what we did...

we actually hate shoes... its a hard life

just follow the confetti call