A Door That Inspires

You may remember from waayyy back (4 months ago) my inspiration board. For a few short months I put everything on that little board. Movie and plane tickets, polaroids, notes, art work, letters, bits and pieces of my life, vintage stuff, and some items of miscellaneous inspiration. So you could probably imagine how cluttered and dysfunctional it got. And there is literally nothing I hate more than being unorganized. So I decided it was time for my little inspiration board to get an upgrade. To the door. I love keeping all these things on the back of my door now. There is so much space on it and room for being inspired. Keeping all of these little things all in one spot just makes me so happy and reminds me of how blessed and wonderful my life truly is. So here is some bits of what I keep on my board. I hope it inspires you to start one too. Enjoy!