Where In The World!? Oregon

It's been a while, but I was out having an adventure in Oregon {super random... I know} But the main reason why me & my family went on this little journey was to try something new and different {when was the last time you did something for the first time?} I had such a lovely time there strolling the streets of Portland's city and enjoying the freezing cool oregon sea air. Here are just a few of the thousands of pictures that were taken on this trip {there's also a video waaayyy down below} Enjoy!

because what is a life worth living without waiting hours in line to get food?

nothing quite like the 'scenic route' 

"lighthouses don't go all over the ocean looking for a boat to save. They just stand there, shining"

lunch was just oh so delicious. World famous clam chowder here

I think about the temple and the possibilities it holds every day.
Nothing on Earth makes me as happy as this place does.