Sophomore Year: Now Is The Start

Weeelllll... School is in. And it rained. So we took that as a bad omen of the beginning of school & end of summer. Actually I am truly convinced the 2013-2014 school year will be a season of my life that excites, possibly even the best year ever {except for junior year... and senior year... and when I'm out at college living on my own... and all the years in my life yet to come...} So I guess you could say as far as first days go this one went pretty well {except for the very superstitious rain omens} Enjoy!
we are super candid.

And of course how could I forget to mention the first day back's ensemble?
top- Madewell // watch- Urban Outfitters // bracelets- Madewell // earrings- American Eagle

denim- American Eagle // kakis- H&M // lace top- Madewell // printed top- H&M // belt- Gap // 
flats- Gap // sandals- Marshalls