Life Lately According To Pictures: August 2013

I feel like lately this blog has been a never ending sea of life posts {but life is just happening right now... ya know?} It's insane yet another month has passed by. This morning I received a text saying "I feel like today is the start of fall! Because it's September haha I just thought I'd share with you!" And its so strange and exciting all at the same time to think of all the fall things I have to look forward to. My birthday, Halloween, football games, and of course (the ultimate cliche) sweater weather. It really feels more like I should be saying hello to August instead of goodbye- or rather that I wish I was saying hello to August instead of goodbye. Because I miss summer with all of my heart. Even looking at pictures of the spectacular time I had for those three months brings me to tears... not really I just have an extreme case of summer 2013 nostalgia... August brought so many drastic life changes {mainly the start of sophomore year and the end of summer} but also a lovely time in San Francisco and Oregon. Despite all this post-summer depression I am thrilled to live the September life and come across the changes and memories it holds. So with that said, hello September! Enjoy!