Picture Day {the good kind}

It was one of those days that was just ideal for taking pictures. My lovely friend Lexi came with me on a farmers market/pretty wall/candy store/flower photo shoot. I am so overjoyed with how the pictures turned out {thanks to the best little sister and photographer in the world} All of them were so stunning. It was so hard narrowing down which pictures to post- there were just so many {468 to be exact} but the following are the crème de la crème. Enjoy!

^^ my favorite shot of the day

oh my gosh Lexi these avocados are so funny!

stars they're just like us: eat watermelon 

we just wanted to eat some cotton candy

"hi would you mind if we took a picture in your chair?" "um... sure" "thanks! these dresses are lovely by the way"

cute shoes cute shorts cute shirt knots cute flowers

candid bridals

And thank you to the best, most lovely little sister in the world for taking our pictures today. I can not thank her enough for tagging along with us to make all our photo dreams come true. I couldn't have done it without her.
{I think she has some very good photographer potential}