Meanwhile In Sacramento

These past few days I went on a wonderful journey to this really lovely place called Sacramento {for the second time this summer} Currently here enjoying the company of the cutest California cousins in the world {& my little seester} I absolutely adore these cuties! And the Sacramento scenery isn't too bad either. I will let these pictures in all their glory do most of the explaining... Enjoy!

well aren't we fancy... flying unaccompanied and all *insert smirky face emoji*

hello airport parking lot candid

"i think the sun is on my face"

seizing the opportunity to take pictures by some "lush california vegetation"

"gabs come here! we are having a photo shoot" "what about the bucket?" "uhh... just leave it?"

we also did some shopping...

some shopping {bonding over our mutual love of head scarves}

back in the airport. came at 5:15. flight departs at 8:40. {at least i have my camera & in flight entertainment}