I See The Sea {Newport Beach}

Newport was incredible. We took a trip to California to celebrate the Fourth of July {hbd America} and my wonderful dad's birthday {hbd Dad}. The Balboa Island beaches, bikes, and frozen chocolate covered bananas were all equally amazing. These days were definitely an unforgettable adventure. Enjoy!

we don't actually know them. They just wanted to sit by us...

California never fails to catch my attention with it's beautiful flowers {and basically everything else too}. Every time I go there I just want to take a picture on every corner. While there last, I came across some absolutely wonderful places. 

when was the last time you tried something for the first time?
well I just tried a banana dipped in chocolate dipped in sprinkles...

Bikes are just a passion of mine. Props to my sister for putting up with my insane creative eye and following me around on my bike {but she does make a pretty good photographer} I couldn't resist the absolutely beautiful California scenes.

And I went ahead and bought this beach house in Newport... or maybe I was dreaming