Geometric Notebooks {make them yourself}

Summer is halfway over WHAT?! I guess that means it's time to get ready to learn... and these notebooks are absolutely perfect for doing just that {at least you'll get an A in decorating right?} I got this idea from Pie N' The Sky blog and I am just thrilled with how mine turned out! They were super easy to do and came out looking lovely. {instructions to make your own below} Enjoy!

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You Will Need:
magazine clippings or pictures, you could really use whatever you'd like but I think magazine pages stick better because the paper is thinner. I got almost all of my triangles from the latest J. Crew catalogue. I just love all of the patterns & prints... it is so inspiring to me. You will also need to cut out a triangle to trace all of the other triangles with {my triangle template below} The rest is pretty obvious: notebook, scissors, mod podge. But what isn't included in the picture below is spray paint. I sprayed my notebook with white paint {and stuck the triangles on the wet paint then covered it with Mod Podge} and I sprayed the back side of it gold. I think the spray paint gives it a lovely finishing touch {it's the little details that count}

the triangles on Pie N' The Sky {where I got my inspiration from} were HUGE. I like mine to be a little smaller and more detailed but it all comes down to personal preference...

cut triangles out from things that inspire you...

when the spray paint was still wet I placed all my triangles on the notebook but you could just as well use a glue stick or mod podge to attach them

cover with a coat of Mod Podge, let dry, and VIOLA!

don't you just love it?!