Craft Camp

Madi & Emma's Craft Camp got off to an absolutely marvelous start! Day one {Jewelry Day} we helped the little girls make some animal necklaces {inspired by flamingo toes blog} and painted some craft stick cuffs {tutorial & inspiration here} They turned out so lovely and the girls were so thrilled to show off what they had done. And yes, I may or may not have made a necklace for myself after the girls left... Tutorial & inspiration for the animal necklaces a little further below . Enjoy!

"Look Madi! It's C C for craft camp!"

on Craft Camp day 2 we made some great art {and some great play dough} Our lovely little girls used this recipe. They loved mixing the ingredients and colors {and glitter... LOTS of glitter} We painted watercolor self portraits and had a spontaneous pool party. Such a fun time! Enjoy!

glitter happy...

our aspiring artists were so lovely and creative when they drew themselves. 

For day 3 of craft camp we had party day. Party decorations & pool party. The girls made chalkboard notebooks and decorated balloons. We had such a wonderful time and these beautiful little girls made some absolutely darling art.

sometimes when it is + one hundred and twenty degrees outside you just have to put a gallon of dish soap in the hot tub and have a pool party... and eat some snow cones {lots of snow cones} Should we make some great art or some great splashes? Maybe both...

Quinn... where did your body go? "its buried in bubbles can't you tell!"