The Inspiration Board

I am a very sentimental person. I literally keep EVERYTHING that has even a tad bit of value to me. I keep movie tickets, plane tickets, thank you cards, invitations and basically everything. So in search for a creative way to display all of my keepsakes I looked on none other than my leading influence in life Pinterest. I came across the most lovely bulletin board and decided that I absolutely had to recreate it. It turned out a thousand times more wonderful than I expected it to so today I have decided to share.

My Inspiration:
This is the original picture {from theglitterguide.com} that I had 
found that made me want to start this project. I was completely 
inspired by {and definitely copied} the tassels, the Polaroids, and the little
 loving notes and I think it really reflects in what I recreated.

Items Used:
• bulletin board
 fabric long enough to cover the board
 spray paint {optional}
What I did to make the board was pretty self explanatory if you
refer to the picture below. I had an old bulletin board lying around
my house {but I'm positive you could find one absolutely anywhere}
I spray painted the middle white {it makes a nice base for the fabric
if it is a bit sheer} and the border gold. After doing this I cut the 
fabric to a size that covered the board {and left an extra inch for folding
over} and I used hot glue to attach the fabric. And that's basically it. 
Simple yet effective.

The Board Decor:
I basically went through my old pinterest boards, old and new pictures,
some of my art, a few pressed petals, and of course random sentimental
items. I'm so thrilled with how it turned out and I will definitely be adding to
it as my collection of treasures grows. Its like my real life pin board.


And just in case you were absolutely dying to watch this little journey unfold I made a little video to inspire you too. Enjoy.