Fonts Type & Words

lately my collection of fonts has significantly grown. So I decided to do something a little different and share some of my favorites with you today! The best part is that they are all free, and no matter what free things are absolutely exceptional {especially when they are so lovely} Enjoy! 
(links to download fonts below the picture)

& honestly this font sheet was one of the hardest things I have created because of my lack for words. It was so difficult to come up with fancy words to showcase the fonts. And I believe that having a high vocabulary is absolutely stunning {and who wants to hear the same words over and over anyways} So I have come up with a list of words that I am making a priority use more often. 

lastly, you learn something new every day and today this is what I learned. The sentence "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" is a pangram which means that it uses all the letters of the english alphabet in just the one sentence. Pangrams are often used to display fonts and calligraphy {thus the sentence on the top of my font list}

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