I don't think it's any secret that I've been seriously neglecting this little blog since coming to college. It's been hard to get into the swing of things, find my way, keep up with school work, and still document it all. BUT today marks the day I've been at college for officially 1 month so in honor of that I managed to get together this little bunch of pictures.  
 Logan is super grunge but it's really growing on me. I've spent a good amount of time off roading and taking pictures in the canyon (even though it was really too dark to). 
One weekend our little crew went on a wild road trip to watch one of our friends play baseball in Pocatello. Yes, Pocatello. The company is what made it so much fun though. On the way home we took an accidental detour and came across the coolest treehouse ever. 
 Up here in Logan you're the real deal if you can eat a skink full of ice cream. Or at least I think. Regardless, it happened and was a really humbling experience. Turns out I don't love ice cream as much as I say I do because I was done after about 4 scoops.
 my roomies are the absolute best. I lucked out big time with these babes.
 It's also freezing here already. I have to wear a sweater over a sweater if I want to eat ice cream.  
 Football games are my jam but not when it's 30 degrees and all I've got on is my USU hoodie. Your Vegas girl is really gonna have to invest in some proper gear for the 4 seasons here. 
Cheers to the college experience! I can't believe it's only been a month. I feel like I've known these guys for my whole life. I'm seriously so grateful for my Logan fam. When I get in the car my maps app suggests directions to "home" which is actually my apartment so you could say things are official.



 The thing I've always loved about my birthday is that it always marks a new season of my life not just in age, but also in school, friends, and life in general because of it's timing. I loved that right after I got through the first week of school I could celebrate over a long labor day weekend. This year I was honestly a little bit scared about the timing of my birthday being right after I moved and didn't have too many close friends to celebrate with. All those little fears were for absolutely nothing though- it ended up being one of my favorite birthdays ever.
I was filming a wedding video down in Jordan that weekend anyways which worked out perfectly to also make a little girls trip out of it. Syd, MaCall, Sadie, and Madison let me stay at their cute little Provo apartment and hang out with all their new friends. It made me so happy to know that we're not more distant than a 2 hour drive.  
 Corbin Ballard is the best person alive for coming to hang out and bring his camera along to document our day. He's seriously the realest.
they took me around their city and Roll It Up pretty much changed my life.
My sweet family also came down and surprised me for a day! I didn't realize how much I missed them until I saw them again. 
& Grandma took me out for a little lunch date up here in Logan which was so fun. Notice the pink roses. She's the cutest. 
I also have the best room mates in the world that made this DELICIOUS cake for me and invited a few friends over for a surprise birthday celebration. 
plus birthday packages literally made my life keep em coming guys!! (jk but really I'm so grateful for all the sweet gestures my family has done for me in my time up here. I love them so much!) 



August has been a crazy transition month but I made it guys!! I feel like I've talked about being in my summer in between season so much and now it's finally over. From here it's all about making new friends, getting into my new routine, building a client base up here in Utah, and adjusting to my this new season of life. It hasn't been easy leaving Vegas behind but I'm excited to discover what Logan has in store for me! 
I think the hard part about moving is just this: Every day you (hopefully) have something to add to your imaginary pile of good things. When you live somewhere for your whole life, your pile of good things really grows there. Everything that made my gratitude lists for as long as they've been going was something or someone that had a tie to Las Vegas. When you move, you have to start a new pile of good things. It's scary and unsettling to not have a close circle of friends or living with family but that doesn't make it a bad thing. It just takes time for friendships to deepen, for you to adjust, and your pile of good things to grow. This is also why the church is so great. If the gospel is the foundation of your good things pile, it will go with you wherever in the world you find yourself. 
So in other words, I'm doing amazing! My pile of good things is growing slowly but surely and I know as long as I stay positive it will continue to do so. Thanks for following along with the adventure guys! The best is yet to come!! 

8/31- spontaneous wedding videos, Caitlyn Algrunn, alpine village 
8/30- Cody Argyle, heart to hearts with room mates, still not getting lost on my second day
8/29- Movies in the quad, not getting lost on my first day, design in everyday living class
8/28- new wards, Taylor Griffin (and his mom for being an amazing cook), a pretty apartment... Dorm life could be worse
8/27- Caroline Thuet (HBD!), concert dates, temple trips
8/26- no curfew, cereal, that I didn't die trying to rock climb
8/25- Vegas girls who are also bad at sports, sugar cookies, mom, Hannah Leavitt (HBD!!)
8/24- Caroline Thuet, Ireland Maguire, Brooke Gunnel, still being able to call Syd Stagg randomly in the middle of the day 
8/23- Blessings for the sick, that dad is "rooting for my happiness", grandma and grandpa
8/22- zicam, warm chocolate chip cookies, Caroline and Ireland for showing me the ropes 
8/21- Having one room mate who isn't a stranger, a sweet dad and brother that help me move, fresh starts
8/20- a safe flight, more somebodies that made more goodbyes hard, tender mercies & the gospel to keep me steady
8/19- pedicures with Gabs, the Las Vegas sky, loose ends tied up
8/18- Hannah Leavitt, dad for driving all my stuff up to school, the fact that I'm not a pioneer 
8/17- lots of somebodies that made saying lots of goodbyes hard, Maddie Fischer, Jacob Judds email
8/16- the bonanza boys, opportunities to work hard, sunrises
8/15- sunsets, new blog designs, Bahama bucks 
8/14- baby blessings, the priesthood, Brother Mackay
8/13- wedding vid opportunities, heart to hearts with girl friends, Advil 
8/12- Sydney Stagg being home, Tylenol pm, Eliza Fellows being home 
8/11- Dr. Hansen, Eagle Scouts knowing how to stop my bleeding, back of head injuries as opposed to front of face injuries
8/10- Larry Ewell, baptisms, Landyn Dyer
8/9- the sweet spirits Dyl will serve in Florida, blonde Hannah Leavitt, Gabs
8/8- Larry Ewell, Robby, Hannah 
8/7- church, young women's lessons about the temple, the temple
8/6- my sweet sister, the Laws, entertainment babysitting budget from the parents
8/5- Bethany and Trents wedding, the hope for getting sealed to my sweet husband someday, the temple
8/4- the Hafen fam, Taylor Miller, new clothes
8/3- game night at Ethan's house, emailing elder Hafen back and forth, Gabrielle for running ALL my errands with me
8/2- MaCall Mcclellan, good future room mates, Nordstrom cafe
8/1- new clothes, apartment decor, the peace the gospel gives me



 It's been a wild week. I don't even know where to begin in describing the emotions that came along with taking a little leap of faith, leaving my family, my close friends, comfort zone, home, etc. So I put together a list of things I learned in my first week living in Logan:
-don't wear Tory Burch sandals canoeing
-admitting that you don't own a hammock up here is basically social suicide
-admitting you don't frequently rock climb is also social suicide
-perfecting your spike ball techniques is not an option, it's a must
-don't even think about leaving your apartment without having your student ID and room key in your hand. It happened more often than it should have
-the shuttle can get you basically wherever you need to go as long as you can find your way to the shuttle stop (I usually struggled with that part)
-if you are in a crowd and have to map your walking directions to your next class that's totally fine, just make sure your phone volume isn't all the way up
-don't use both showers in your apartment at the same time otherwise the fire alarm will go off
-make sure to have a bath robe on hand in case you do find yourself in the above situation and your roommates leave you behind (sorry Caroline!!)

So let's go back to the beginning of this week...
 I took Gabs out on like a billion sister dates since I'm going to miss that little cutie so much.
I got her this little card for her first day of high school because she's going to be a panther now!! 
 saying goodbye to my sweet mom and Gabs at the airport was no easy thing..
But I made it to UT where Dad and Drake had driven my things up a few days before and they helped me get all settled in.
what am I gonna do without little Drake!? 
when Dad was driving me around trying to help me with directions he asked me for the millionth time if I needed a bike to get around. I go, "Dad,  you're really rooting for the bike aren't you!?" and he said, "no, Mads, I'm mostly just rooting for your happiness." How grateful I am for sweet parents that support me in every aspect of my life. They're patient, kind, and really are rooting for my happiness. I feel so blessed to have them and miss them so much already. 
 Apartment room picture before (featuring Drake)
 Apartment room picture before (not featuring Drake)
 Apartment room after picture
 did I bring enough throw pillows?
 I highly recommend investing in a giant mirror for your college apartment. You might look like a diva when you're hauling it up the stairs but it's worth it trust me.
 This makes it pretty official ^^
 Roomies again! We had such a fun time going to the taste of Logan, getting all of the restaurants samples, and exploring our city. I really wish I brought my camera!! I'm still trying to get better about hauling it around places up here.
It was also Caroline's birthday this monumental week!! Welcome to adulthood Care!!
 I managed to keep my goal of going to the temple weekly thanks to Cody, Taylor, and Caitlyn!! The Logan baptistery is so different I had major culture shock (but the church is still true wherever you go!!)
Lately it's felt a little bit like me, little Madison, against Utah all by myself. I'm so used to being in my comfort zone with all of my sweet close friends. It's weird to go from my close knit circle to having about 100 people but the only thing they know about me is my first name. I feel like I'm doing my best, saying my prayers, reading my scriptures, and doing baptisms and all but it's still been hard. As I sat in the baptistery looking at all the other people there (and it was packed), I realized there are a million other people trying their best too and that I'm far from alone. There was a whole baptistery full of people with the same goals and similar current struggles as me who I know Heavenly Father is looking out for along with me. I'm grateful to be among the group that knows Heavenly Father and Heavenly Hosts are looking out for them. If you want to know more about why this is a comfort for me, go here!
 I topped off the week by seeing American Authors at the cutest little ski resort, Cherry Peak

It's been a rough transition but a great start!
The best is yet to come guys!!