A few weeks ago I was in Bear Lake for the Pritt family annual reunion! It was one of the best to date- I think a lot of it because all the cousins are growing up and in such a fun season of life. I had such a fun time getting to see cousins who had returned from their missions recently and getting to know my oldest cousin's new husband. My sweet dad also took the 12 HOURS to drive our boat up there from Las Vegas so that we could have a real party on the lake (and get some incredible drone shots)!
to stalk some past posts of the tradition: 2015 // 2013
Here's the best of this year:

 LaBeau's raspberry shakes are a cabin classic (even though I got mocha flavor and Gabs got chocolate chip... whoops)
 It was also Dad's 44th birthday over the reunion  (double 4's and his favorite place on Earth? That's got to be lucky!!) So we celebrated with shakes and boating!!
 One of the best parts of the trip was getting so close with Gabs. I missed my little sis so much this past year at college, it made me appreciate her more than ever! You have to know Gabrielle to understand how true this is but she is an ACTUAL ray of sunshine. She makes everybody around her pee their pants laughing. No matter what your sense of humor you'll think the things she does/says are to die for. 
We got stuck on that paddle board pictured above ALLLL day and I hardly even noticed because she was keeping me entertained the entire time rapping ispy and skinny dipping! I crack up just thinking about it haha!



ONE YEAR! I can not believe how long it's been since Dylan left to Fort Lauderdale! (to find out more about what he's doing there for one more year click HERE
I absolutely love any excuse to run errands, buy gifts, and get a little creative. Especially during the summer as I have quite a bit of extra time. I'm super mad at myself for not taking more pictures of what I included but I wanted to just list it out anyways. While scouring pinterest and other's blogs for ideas it was hard to find anything my style. Missionaries are so hard to shop for because they have very little wants! So just in case anybody was struggling in that area I hope this can be a little source of inspo. 

+ new tie (obviously)
+ Las Vegas temple tie clip
+ new socks
+ t-shirt for p-day
+ paper, envelopes, and stamps
(I was SO proud of the stamps I found... they have little Spanish foods on them!!)
+ printed pictures of Las Vegas and a few from my camera roll
+ clif bars and snacks
+ toothpaste (that's like the only thing he actually asked for? lol)

But I had so much fun throwing all this together and obviously TOO much fun decorating the inside of that box haha! I joked in Dylan's email that I have a testimony of shopping for missionaries but I REALLY do! I love being able to support the important work in any little way possible. 



 It's been a little while since I've done a post like this so I thought it would be fun to do a little roundup of all the pictures I've taken and what I've been up to lately!
 A pretty reoccurring picture lately is food...
 Also, babysitting. All day every day
Quite a few drives down to California also to film weddings, visit friends, and watch Gabrielle play in volleyball tournaments.
more food! Secret pizza in the Cosmopolitan is so yummy! Go down the little hall on the third floor to check it out!  
 catch up lunches with friends
and sky pictures are on HEAVY rotation in my camera roll 
Last of all, on one of my and Syd's little road trips to Utah we filmed a fun little secret time capsule video which you can watch HERE if you'd like!



6/30- FRIDAYS, trader joes quesadillas, a good instagram feed
6/29- seeing Han again, yummy photogenic milkshakes, spin class with Lexi
6/28- one year, easy babysitting days, Trader Joe's gourmet dinner with mom 
6/27- the temple, good friends, Scandal on Netflix 
6/26- babysitting passed quick, bachelorette, mom
6/25- safe drive home from Provo, sacrament, pics from Miami summer sales boys
6/24- wild pool parties, takeout sushi, catch up lunch with sav 
6/23- nate and MaCall's real love, burgers grilled at home, good drone shots
6/22- lunch with the bride, roll with it, old CHT vids
6/21- pretty sunsets at bridals, corbin Ballard, bowl of heaven
6/20- driving to ut safely, shaved ice in cedar city, Wonder Woman with Provo friends
6/19- sleeping in, sunburns turned to tans, eyebrows waxed
6/18- safe drive back, such a good dad, getting to bed early 
6/17- Olivia's wedding, good drone shots, balboa pier
6/16- beach days, jr shaved ice, hotel life
6/15- pictures on salvation mountain, syd making 8 hour drives not feel like 8 hour drives, Mish & Sam's super great hospitality
6/14- cute kids in a wagon, mom paying for eating out, Scandal (the show not the thing)
6/13- short babysitting days, munchies, fresh tips and haircuts, scandal marathon
6/12- lengthy emails, pedicure do overs, sanctified shopping, acai from mom, moms new car, life changing Steve Madden shoes
6/11- taking the sacrament, nicks farewell, car heart to hearts with syd
6/10- pedis with gabs, actually good acai, 1 year packages
6/9- shopping with corbin, bougie food at maggianos, new jean jacket (even though it's the middle of summer) 
6/8- not getting a ticket, menchies with drake, falling asleep to movies 
6/7- shaved ice with friends, 5:30, pictures of the dastrup babies
6/6- easy babysitting days, cute kids, bachelorette night and halo top
6/5- shopping with gabs, feeling better (like superwoman status), solid foods after that recovery
6/4- club crackers, friday night lights, blue gatorade
6/3- pretty receptions, perfect gel nail colors, nordstroms cafe in between shoots
6/2- getting the ocean of clothes off my floor, pink box cronuts, easy babysitting days
6/1- well behaved kids, yoga on the lawn, acai bowls seriously for the win, bank at shop Syd&mads closet



Before coming home for the long summer home, the three of us had the best idea ever to visit Lexi in San Diego, have her show us all her favorite local spots, and make a video about it (Lexi's guide to San Diego... just like last year's Guide to Las Vegas!). It was such a fun and well needed girls trip- good for our spirits and our instagram feeds!! 
*video + vlog at the end of this post
we went boating on "lil' yachty"
we got delicious half price sushi at Sushi Kuchi
we ate THE best toast at Communal Coffee
*Syd rates Communal 10/10 the cutest place she's ever been
between the three of us there were actually hardly any leftovers
very grateful for these two that I love so much!!