Before coming home for the long summer home, the three of us had the best idea ever to visit Lexi in San Diego, have her show us all her favorite local spots, and make a video about it (Lexi's guide to San Diego... just like last year's Guide to Las Vegas!). It was such a fun and well needed girls trip- good for our spirits and our instagram feeds!! 
*video + vlog at the end of this post
we went boating on "lil' yachty"
we got delicious half price sushi at Sushi Kuchi
we ate THE best toast at Communal Coffee
*Syd rates Communal 10/10 the cutest place she's ever been
between the three of us there were actually hardly any leftovers
very grateful for these two that I love so much!!



5/31- the Las Vegas temple is home, family that's really always there, dad works so so so hard
5/30- the vistas park, money earned from babysitting, voice recordings from dylan 
5/29- bike rides with family, fresh car wash, meaningful scripture study 
5/28- empty flights home, caught up on journaling, fresh laundry
5/27- volleyball tournaments, grilled salmon, mom is so cute
5/26- the Wunderli's, frozen yogurt on the golf cart, heart to hearts with Ce
5/25- being silly with syd and lex, 32 ice cream flavors, the pink wall
5/24- lil yachty (the real life one), drone, living the dream moments
5/23- barre classes, Nordstrom, San Diego lifestyle
5/22- laying out poolside, board and brew sandwiches, self tanner
5/21- avocado toast with grandmas bread, short drive from st George to Vegas, getting on the San Diego flight tonight!!!! Things always work out for me
5/20- not dying on my drive home, awesome groomsmen party, Thai food with fun photographers
5/19- freckle farms, caroline thuet, painting aprons
5/18- Aggie ice cream, Logan feeling familiar, red flag card games
5/17- Gabrielle (hbd), aubergine, movie night at Taylor's
5/16- Sarah brown, true love, wedding reception desserts
5/15- 143 girls, sodalicious at 10:59, protein style at in n out 
5/14- st George isn't even that far, face timing dylan, my cute mom and all she does for me 
5/13- friends dreams coming true (Hannah's engaged), sunrise drives to the temple, bridal showers
5/12- Sprinkles with mom and gabs, new sunglasses, found a memory card 
5/11- summer ritual with Syd, shop syd and mads sale, mom buys my groceries
5/10- new video opportunities, sav’s video looking incredible, getting rid of allllll the old clothes
5/9- Dastrup kids, Dan’s drones, halo top
5/8- surviving heathers hills, using my talents to serve others, a fresh washed car
5/7- family ward, relief society with Han, YSA devotionals, p-day eve
5/6- Sav paving the way, dreams really do come true, ice cream at receptions, pretty grey dresses, Gabs for filming and taking pics
5/5- pre wedding dinners, frijoles, friendsmaid errands to DTS and target
5/4- safe drive back, audiobooks, lunch with Madison McClellan
5/3- finishing alllll the editing I needed to, movies with friends, sleeping in
5/2- LAST DAY IN LOGAN EVER, wedding dress shopping with Ireland, done with finals/school, spontaneous video shoots
5/1- driving back to Logan with syd, funny photographers, pretty vid light



(her wedding video & vlog can be found at the end of this post)
Even though only a few of us were out of school we all got to be together! The weekend started off with the cutest cinco de mayo themed rehearsal dinner.
We also decided to make it a tradition to get a special little present to deliver to our bride on her wedding eve. Super spontaneous but still super thoughtful hah!
morning of!!!
corsages > bouquets. Sav seriously won for florals
italian sodas for the win
real housewives status
cronuts also for the win!!!
flashback to April I had the funnest time taking their bridals and doing their first look video (thanks to Syd for assisting)
This day was seriously straight out of daydreams. It's so fun to watch people so close to me be so happy. I love these two!!!