(her wedding video & vlog can be found at the end of this post)
Even though only a few of us were out of school we all got to be together! The weekend started off with the cutest cinco de mayo themed rehearsal dinner.
We also decided to make it a tradition to get a special little present to deliver to our bride on her wedding eve. Super spontaneous but still super thoughtful hah!
morning of!!!
corsages > bouquets. Sav seriously won for florals
italian sodas for the win
real housewives status
cronuts also for the win!!!
flashback to April I had the funnest time taking their bridals and doing their first look video (thanks to Syd for assisting)
This day was seriously straight out of daydreams. It's so fun to watch people so close to me be so happy. I love these two!!!



It's been a loong year haha! I honestly can't believe I made it. I'm currently sitting here in my REAL O.G. full sized cozy bed in a house full of siblings and parents in Las Vegas. Now that I'm back for the summer it feels a little like everything that happened in Logan never happened. It's mysterious.
But on the first week of school I made a little blog post and included everything I had learned in that first week of college. It seemed fitting that I make a blog post about everything I learned in the first year. So here it is: 

-It's okay to not be like everybody else. It's also okay if not everybody else is just like you 
-Anything above 30 degrees isn't that cold! 
-Not everybody is as fortunate as you and your Summerlin squad. Be generous.
-A hand written letter in the mail is 10 times better than new clothes in the mail 
-Don't take the sunshine for granted. Or Target. 
-You're so lucky to have the parents/family/friends/people that you do
-You'll be fine wherever you go. And even if you're not fine, you'll be fine. It's just a season. Things get better.
-It's better to go on 3rd dates than 3 dates
-You can survive a small town life but only if you've got people you love with you
-There is no shame in staying in on a Friday night
-There is no growth in the comfort zone
-Heavenly Father trusts you. 
-You are so incredibly dependent on Christ and Heavenly Father. You can not do this on your own.
-Your weaknesses are blessings because they pull you back to Heavenly Father and remind you of ^^
In the grand scheme of things you'll see how everything played out for the best. Until then just hang in there, say your prayers, and be positive

I’m looking back through pictures of fall 2016 when this was all beginning and I see a COMPLETELY different girl when I look at myself. I had so much yet to learn about both myself and the real life that I was suddenly a part of. 
The more I've lived the more I've realized that everybody has trials.

I always compare myself, my struggles, my strengths, weaknesses, talents, clothes, looks, etc. to my friends. So here’s a comparison that I was kind of pondering tonight. Every single one of us experienced a new chapter of life inclusive of some really good times and really hard trials. Even though they’re not comparable to each other in the littlest bit we all had the big ones. So this year I had a big one too. Moving to a foreign farm land with no friends within a 2 hour drive, missing all my people- friends, family, Dylan, fighting really hard with myself about going on a mission or not, and spiraling down into, but ultimately finding a way out of, a heavy case of seasonal depression. While my big trial was totally unique from everybody else’s, it was totally normal to have. And it’s going to be like this every year for the rest of my life. Some years will be great and some will be terrible and some will be in between but it’s always going to be uphill so it’s up to me to make the happiness. 

I'm very thrilled for what this new season of life holds. If you've read this little blog for some time you might know that change is so tough for me. Slowly but surely I'm learning that the silver lining of change is a fresh start. So get excited for lots of new and fun things! I'm working hard on reinventing myself and finally starting to get some inspiration back! Big things are coming!!



4/30- bubble baths, May starts = party starts, pretty sunsets with “penthouse” views
4/29- the Lee family, birthday party collaborations, living the dream
4/28- Logan temple (last trip), abs hour at the ARC, grandmas fuzzy pink robe
4/27- last day of art history, Brooke's muffins, getting to catch up with Cait 
4/26- group fitness classes, solo movie theatre trips, halo top ice cream
4/25- roolee video shoots, the maintenance guy that knocked on the door to wake me up 15 minutes before the shoot #blessed, NOT having to go to stats
4/24- driving safely to Logan, grocery shopping with Abby, 3 for 5 raspberries 
4/23- runs with grandma and grandpa, the sacrament,
4/22- Latin dance parties at wedding receptions, mint ice cream at grandmas, happy earth day!
4/21- cherry blossom pictures with Abby and Kenz, 4am nights, packages sent to Dylan
4/20- last math class I'll ever have to take, phone calls to mom, elder Holland talk
4/19- easy Wednesday's, clean laundry, cherry blossoms blooming
4/18- short Tuesday classes, institute teachers that care about me, $1 strawberries
4/17- Sav's bridals being beautiful, safe drive home, phone calls to mom on the way back
4/16- Christ's atonement, Easter Sunday at a home, hospital cafeteria heart to hearts
4/15- sydneys birthday celebrations continued, endless love soundtrack, pancake breakfast in apartment 143
4/14- sydneys birthday celebrations, Provo life, caves, glow sticks
4/13- stats extra credit, finishing school stuff early, not having fomo
4/12- drives through the canyon with gabs, answers to prayers, Cam's birthday (excuses to celebrate)
4/11- English presentation over, gabs on a blow up mattress in my apartment, ice cream
4/10- family in town, Trader Joe's, drives up the canyon with gabs
4/9- chocolate chip cookies, Kenny, the notebook (movie night with Brooke part 2), dad and drake dropping by to visit
4/8- fresh oranges, movie night with Brooke, dad and drake driving safe kneaders with Cait, oatmeal halo top ice cream, new greys anatomy episodes
4/7- hot springs, megabed sleepover with Cait, baby bunnies
4/6- that my worst day is 1,000 times better than some people's best, prince of peace Mormon messages, the ARC
4/5- face times that I pee my pants on with Gabrielle, third day hair still looks good, a B on my stats test
4/4- that there are many ways to share the gospel, 100% on stats quiz, bishop Floyd, midnight cupcakes with cait and caroline
4/3- new denim shirts, good hair days, Abby's soccer games with Kenz
4/2- general conference, grandma and grandpas on the way home, snickers in chocolate chip cookies
4/1- Lexi coming to Utah, general conference in real life, being with all my girls at Sav's bachelorette



 It's always a good weekend when all your long lost best friends get together and it's always a good weekend when you get to hear so much wisdom from the LDS church leaders at General Conference.  
On Friday night I drove from Logan to Salt Lake City and met up with Sydney and Maddie then we picked up Lexi (who came in all the way from San Diego!!). 
We did some shopping and lots and lots of catching up 
 Saturday was General Conference! Hannah stopped in Salt Lake City on her way down from Idaho to take a few pictures in temple square before driving the rest of the way to Provo where the party was at. 
 Conference bit:
I love general conference so much. If you're unfamiliar with what it is, every 6 months the LDS prophet and general authorities speak to the entire church through broadcasting. A few lucky members also get to hear these inspired words from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City where it's all happening! Sydney was able to get her hands on some tickets for us last minute so we were able to attend. 
The talk that I loved the most was Elder Holland's called Songs Sung and Unsung (in case you missed it check here) for a couple of reasons. First being that Elder Holland will always hold a special place in my heart ever since I got to hear from him on prom night last year (stalk that post here). Second being that the topic he spoke on felt like it was made for me. That's one of the most incredible things about Conference- the speakers talk to thousands of people but at the same time it can feel like they are speaking directly to YOU! These truly are inspired men and women.
The reference to the song There is Sunshine in my Soul Today after several really tough winter months in Logan made the talk so personal. I haven't written much about it on this little blog but since January I've been pushed and stretched and had a lot of personal growth. Though I know it needed to happen, it's been a time when I, just as Holland puts into words, wanted to sing my song so much but couldn't. 
My other favorite theme of this conference was that it was said so many times that all things work together for good to those that do good. In Sabin, Choi, and many other's talks they mentioned something along those lines. Going to college is like starting your whole life from scratch, or at least that's how it was for me. What you did in high school put you where you're at for college, but it doesn't matter that much anymore. So you have to build a whole new life. That has caused a good amount of stress, crying, and fearing the future, thinking about how in the world I'm going to get from where I am to where I want to be. This conference was such a good reminder that I'm on the right track as long as I do the little things every day that keep me on the straight and narrow. We all are. Good things happen when you do good things.
Okay that was my conference schpiel.
Right after conference we headed down to Provo for the party!! It worked out so perfectly that Sydney got tickets at the last minute. 
 Han even dropped in clear from Idaho (that's like a million year drive). Squads all here!!
 We haven't all been together since winter break! Seriously it makes me so happy to have an excuse to all get together again. Blessed that through this year of changes we're all still here for each other and going strong.



3/31- leaving Logan, girls days, Syd Stagg
3/30- understanding stats (ish), face timing Drake, room mate bonding with Caroline
3/29- sleeping in, sunny weather, Lincoln’s heart to hearts
3/28- white chocolate chip yogurt, visit teachers, conference talks in art 
3/27- blue terrace for getting me out of the rain, Italian food FHE, Ryker's music recommendations  
3/26- Late night silly roomie convos, kaylee, homemade orange juice, Skye's farewell 
3/25- city creek, only girl at bros lunches, breakfast with Cait and Caroline
3/24- jump zone, being good at being bad at sports, Abby Brown
3/23- solo temple trips, color in art, gossip girl 
3/22- Communal, telestrations, entrepreneur dinner 
3/21- Pesto making at 20D, rompers, halo top ice cream
3/20- Lunch with kenz, family vacation planning, good acai
3/19- stake conference, Skye's mission pictures, Trader Joe's
3/18- po bev, Indian food, Brooke A
3/17- acai in a past life in Vegas, Sky and kenz, bonfires
3/16- talking Syd Stagg through the tough stuff, packages from Paris to Florida, SUN DAY 2
3/15- Fresh nails, easy extra credit, SUN
3/14- Brooke's hot chocolate, mission prep, the macaroons I took home from France
3/13- making it home safely, Nordstrom return policy, talking to mom the whole drive home
3/12- the sister missionaries, airport hotels, my favorite travel partner on my last day in Paris
3/11- Eiffel Tower crepès, Dana and Catherine, Paris lives up to its expectations 
3/10- laduree breakfast, laduree lunch, pretty Lilly paintings
3/9- dinner crepes, palace of Versailles, hyper-lapses
3/8- louvre, Eiffel Tower pics, Angelina's hot chocolate (and all french food)
3/7- arriving safely in Paris, finding our way to the loft, fresh french bread, seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time
3/6- travel buddy forever Syd, Delta royal treatment, 10 hour flights aren't even bad
3/5- Sundays not spent in the singles ward, cookies with grandma, PARIS TOMORROW
3/4- quality Nordstrom rack purchases, mint ice cream, runs with grandma and grandpa
3/3- Sav and Brigham, Nordstrom gift cards from strangers, grandma and grandpa's house
3/2- Entrepreneurship class, getting ahead on homework, acai bowl success story

3/1- March, 1 degree warmer, March



A couple months ago, Mckenzie, a photographer based out of Florida, reached out to me about making an "about me" video for her. In the video she wanted to include a part about her love for traveling and teaching photography in workshops. She had one coming up in Paris and of course I jumped at the opportunity to film these parts for her. About a week before the trip Mckenzie contacted me about one of the models having passport issues and not being able to come anymore. She asked me if I'd be able to but of course I asked her if she'd want me to pass over some of my recommendations. And who better to model than the one and only Syd Stagg!? Within a few days Syd had her plane ticket bought and all the details were worked out! I'm so happy that we got to go on another amazing adventure together!! I'm sorry that this is such a lengthy post- I mostly like to keep it so long for my own memories to look back on.
*video and vlog at the end of this post!
I couldn't get over these amazing views on the way ther. SLC > CDG
after we first arrived in Paris! A few hours before this picture was taken we were hauling our suitcases through those cobblestone streets haha! Such tourists!!
Eiffel Tower crepes- what dreams are made of
3/7- today is the day we technically touched down in Paris and started our trip. Me and syd were in such a funny mood when we were at the airport just because of lack of sleep and excitement for the trip. It took us 2 hours to finally make our way to the loft that we are staying at. We hauled our suitcases through the metro, got lost and had to turn around a couple times, and carried our suitcases up and down several stair bridges. We looked like such tourists I'm sure but we just laughed at ourselves. We met everybody who is a part of the collective and had french burgers from uber eats delivered to us while we worked out all the plans for the week. In the evening we headed out to see the Eiffel Tower. It was honestly surreal to just walk out the steps of the metro to a view that I've dreamed about literally for my whole life. Like out of nowhere it just popped up right in front of us and was right there!! We walked around and got a yummy banana Nutella crepe and it was so good. Probably one of the happiest moments of my life right there. I think that's part of the reason why me and syd are such good friends- because we've spent so many of our lives happiest/coolest moments together. 
About to have lunch IN the Eiffel Tower. IN not AT. There's a huge difference.
The picture we'll show our daughters someday^ such a classic Paris Pic
Posting this one on the blog mainly because I was so proud of my ascot outfit. I can only pull something like that off in France.
If you ever find yourself in Paris, please treat yourself to Angelinas hot chocolate. It's such a charming little place and the hot chocolate is literally melted chocolate. We had it for dinner. It was SO good!
Stood in the middle of the road to get that shot please appreciate it^
3/8- we started the day off with a bus tour (not our favorite because no pic opportunities) and then a cruise along the siene river. On the cruise was the first time syd started modeling officially on this trip and it was so fun to see all the photographers pose her and swarm around her. She's so in her element and I'm so glad she's here! Afterwards we went to lunch IN the Eiffel Tower. Big difference between in and at- we were in. While we were there we took tons of pictures too of course and it felt like a dream of course. The next stop was the louvre which was awesome. It's not like any other museum I've ever been to- all the art was so curated and (obviously) European. There's nothing else like it! My favorite piece was the oath of the Horatii because it's literally the only low key one that I knew from my art history class. I was so proud of myself! We split off after the louvre with another girl so it was just the three of us to get hot chocolate at Angelina's. It was SO decedent and thick no other hot chocolate will ever live up to it. We literally ate it for dinner haha! Zara was within walking distance and since it's a European store we just had to check it out here in Europe. Last stop was a metro ride away- to the arc de triomp to enjoy the night time view and take some pictures quick. I think the hilight of the day was possibly when the group split off and one of the girls came with just me and syd to get hot chocolate. On our way back to the loft she said something along the lines of "I'm so happy I came with you guys! I had much more fun than I would've with the other group!" It shook us because we thought we literally were the groups most hated since we're the youngest and can be a little exclusive sometimes and have our own sense of humor. We literally said a prayer this morning to be able to reach out and make new friends so it was almost a tender mercy to hear that.
Pure happiness moment: walking down the streets of Versailles with a delicious croissant, hot chocolate, and my best friend.
All 300 stairs to the top of the Arc were worth it for this view!
3/9- at the beginning of today we took a long metro ride out to Versailles. It was so pretty and seriously unreal outside of the city! The happiest moment of today was walking around with a croissant and hot chocolate looking at all the darling little houses on our way to Versailles. Me and Syd couldn't stop laughing at the velvet walls and how "extra" it was. It was cool to wonder what the equivalent of it will be 200 years from now... will people tour the White House and listen to schpiels about how the presidents used to live there or things like that. Syd modeled for a while at Versailles while I took a ton of videos. After that was all done we broke off from the group and came across the most adorable boutique ever. We splurged on a couple timeless Paris pieces and then got lunch at a little pizza place. It was the best feeling because we just stumbled upon the PERFECT and exact things we were looking for with no agenda for the rest of the day either- just walking around and exploring. We took the metro back to the arc de triump and walked up all 273 steps to the top. It was such a beautiful view of the city and so cool to see all of the streets going out of it. The stairs or something really got us tired because after that we couldn't help but stop back at the loft to freshen up and sleep for a sec. For dinner we had crepès for "appetizers" and then Indian food after we decided we weren't full. It was quite the combo but so yummy! 
Breakfast at LADUREE!!!!! It definitely lives up to every bit of hype that it's given!
Locked our luvvv. S+M 2017 Travel Partners In Crime
FAVE musée was the musée de l'orangerie (aka the Orange museum). It's the only museum me or Syd has gotten through the ENTIRE thing and still wanted more. It's so lovely!!
Watch the vlog for the story on this little bike cart thingy. It's rough.
3/12- church in France is so much fun. Satan really didn't want us to come though- when we tried to get on the metro nearly everything that could have gone wrong did. Our metro passes expired, the line we were supposed to take was closed, and we were running late to meet the sister missionaries. But we made it! When we bought new metro passes we accidentally just bought one way ones so we didn't think they'd work when we got on the next train after meeting the sisters but it magically did! The church is true haha! Something I have strengthened my testimony of whenever I find myself in a foreign congregation is that the church is true wherever you go. This was the first time I haven't been to an English ward though and it was so weird to have to be the one getting translated to. I really liked it though because the wording is different and made whatever anybody was saying seem fresh and new! Plus what the speakers said was exactly what I needed to hear even though it was in french. 
our last stop was Laduree for some macaroons to go!
Paris thoughts overall:
There is no other place in the world that I've looked forward to or dreamed about going to more than Paris. There aren't very many other moments I'll have in my life like the ones I did seeing the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, and all the other sights in my favorite city. It’s literally the most magical place because it’s everything that I expected it to be. You think you’ll eat delicious bread and see couples kissing on benches and cute ladies riding bikes and that’s exactly what it is. It’s so charming. Also, no PDA is gross in Paris. For some reason it’s all cute.

This vlog is 5 billion years long so I'm really sorry about that. I decided before leaving that I wanted to vlog mostly for my own memories and to look back on. So if you want some serious behind the scenes pop some popcorn and get comfy or just watch the little hilight reel below!