I don't know if you guys are aware of this or not but Utah State pretty much turns into something out of a movie in the fall. I guess it's the price to pay for the (so I hear) bone chilling winter that's on it's way. I had to bring my camera to class one day to film a project and couldn't help but snap these little gems on my way home. 
Also, one of my favorite parts about fall: General Conference.
I always try to go into conference with a few questions I hope to receive answers to but this past session in particular I had some pretty heavy questions. It must be because I'm still in that decision time of life (I thought it ended after I picked which college to go to. Update: it doesn't). I tried to take notes on my impressions rather than the speaker's exact words. If you care to hear, these were a few of the things that stood out to me:
-What will you give in return for so much?
-The most important work we do is that which is through the Holy Ghost
-A loving Heavenly Father is literally one prayer away
-The answer to your own prayers often comes when you silence what you want and ask what Heavenly Father's will for you is
-Don't falsely judge yourself by comparison to others
-YES! You're going to make it. Heavenly Father intends for us to make it
-All the Lord expects of us is to really try but we have to really try
-Christ is already helping you. Recognize it.
-Pray often and sincerely to serve
-It is not by chance that you are where you are
-Don't worry about what Heavenly Father doesn't want you to know right now. Focus on the plain and simple truths that are in front of you. Sometimes He just wants you to use your faith and that's why he withholds answers
-Have faith, focus, and a strong ambition for Christ
-Spiritual experiences have little to do with what's happening on the outside
-repetitive, but you have to actually act on prayers
-joy is what comes from intentionally trying to live a righteous life
-whether we are scared to death or bored to death we should serve diligently where we are called
I had planned on being a lot of places over conference weekend including Salt Lake City, a cabin in Idaho, my grandparent's apartment, home in Las Vegas, and home with a friend in South Jordan but me and Caroline somehow ended up being the only two staying in the Logan bubble. I'm not even mad about it. Serious room mate bonding occurred. 
 Drives through the canyon are a delight. I highly recommend it.
There's also the cutest little pumpkin patch right across from my apartment so me & Cait went to take pics there one day
One of my favorite things about college is Friday mornings at the temple. 3/4 of the girls in our apartment don't have class so we try to take advantage. I had the most tender little experience on this day too. It has always bothered me that the temple workers don't hand you your slip of paper with names at any point. You simply go into the font and they put them up for whoever is baptizing to read. I loved getting to read the year they were born, their first and last name, and where they're from. Randomly on this day one of the temple workers (without asking anybody else if they wanted to) handed me my name list before I was baptized. What a little tender mercy. 
 bonfires are pretty much a weekly thing here
I love being an aggie in the fall. Life is sweeter than all the pumpkin spice candles my room mates and I have gone through the past month



9/30- coffee ice cream, new mascara, heart to hearts with grandpa 
9/29- Temple trips with Cody, days class is cancelled, Jayden's weird room mate
9/28- Country swing dancing, Thursday classes cancelled, Caitlyn
9/27- The library, letters from friends, weights class
9/26- Flash cards, snapchat, moms packages and Dyls letters
9/25- Nights watching wedding vids with room mates, Caitlyn's moms imported from home cookies, bishop Floyd for still trying his best to learn my name (it must be the hardest in the ward to remember)
9/24- Box seat cookies/brownies, Jayden, tailgates
9/23- Not dying in the college mosh pit, 3am pancakes, wild Charlie puth concerts
9/22- pretty overcast days, Japanese food with Paige and Lindsey, Caroline as my personal trainer
9/21- Nights running through the rain, people that appreciate curly hair, when your prayers to find Caroline's wallet at midnight in the pouring rain work
9/20- New songs, online shopping, a phone screen that's not cracked
9/19- Institute classes that make me tear up because it's exactly what I needed to hear, Chinese take out, family home evening and the 20B boys
9/18- Taylors family dinners, missionary homecomings instead of farewells, drives through the canyon
9/17-  Road trips with good company to Pocatello, dance parties in Taylor's basement, pazookies 
9/16- 3am nights (perks of no parents), football games, Cody for picking me up and buying me ice cream on a bad day
9/15- my warm bed, the gospel, sweet roomies
9/14- Pre made cookie dough, Cody, interior design projects 
9/13- Cupcakes, Institute video committee, that it's not Monday
9/12- Monday night bowling, Paige and Lindsey, FHE (even if it's not my ward)
9/11- YSA devotionals, neighbors who invite us over for Sunday morning pancakes, food after ward prayer
9/10- Moms phone calls, Mitch for making sure I don't slide off a mountain, the days my hair doesn't smell like fire #grunge
9/9- Mitch for being such a great date, Farmington station, perfectly roasted hot dogs
9/8- Corbin's jijivisha shirts, not having any trial that I'll have to keep for my entire life, a sink full of ice cream 
9/7- Institute publicity committee, Ireland and her ambitious nursing school room mate tasks, Lindsey and Paige 
9/6- Getting back into a routine, ice cream with grandpa, late birthday packages
9/5- Fun room mates that decorate my apartment and bake cake, Corbin for taking pictures, half my birthday wishes coming true
9/4- that moms accident wasn't worse, shopping with mom, Gabs drake and dads craziness
9/3- Dinner with fam, cupcakes, football games (it's fall!!)
9/2- Syd, MaCall, Sadie 
9/1- Utah networking, the alpine village friend group, hide and go seek in the dark



 I don't think it's any secret that I've been seriously neglecting this little blog since coming to college. It's been hard to get into the swing of things, find my way, keep up with school work, and still document it all. BUT today marks the day I've been at college for officially 1 month so in honor of that I managed to get together this little bunch of pictures.  
 Logan is super grunge but it's really growing on me. I've spent a good amount of time off roading and taking pictures in the canyon (even though it was really too dark to). 
One weekend our little crew went on a wild road trip to watch one of our friends play baseball in Pocatello. Yes, Pocatello. The company is what made it so much fun though. On the way home we took an accidental detour and came across the coolest treehouse ever. 
 Up here in Logan you're the real deal if you can eat a skink full of ice cream. Or at least I think. Regardless, it happened and was a really humbling experience. Turns out I don't love ice cream as much as I say I do because I was done after about 4 scoops.
 my roomies are the absolute best. I lucked out big time with these babes.
 It's also freezing here already. I have to wear a sweater over a sweater if I want to eat ice cream.  
 Football games are my jam but not when it's 30 degrees and all I've got on is my USU hoodie. Your Vegas girl is really gonna have to invest in some proper gear for the 4 seasons here. 
Cheers to the college experience! I can't believe it's only been a month. I feel like I've known these guys for my whole life. I'm seriously so grateful for my Logan fam. When I get in the car my maps app suggests directions to "home" which is actually my apartment so you could say things are official.



 The thing I've always loved about my birthday is that it always marks a new season of my life not just in age, but also in school, friends, and life in general because of it's timing. I loved that right after I got through the first week of school I could celebrate over a long labor day weekend. This year I was honestly a little bit scared about the timing of my birthday being right after I moved and didn't have too many close friends to celebrate with. All those little fears were for absolutely nothing though- it ended up being one of my favorite birthdays ever.
I was filming a wedding video down in Jordan that weekend anyways which worked out perfectly to also make a little girls trip out of it. Syd, MaCall, Sadie, and Madison let me stay at their cute little Provo apartment and hang out with all their new friends. It made me so happy to know that we're not more distant than a 2 hour drive.  
 Corbin Ballard is the best person alive for coming to hang out and bring his camera along to document our day. He's seriously the realest.
they took me around their city and Roll It Up pretty much changed my life.
My sweet family also came down and surprised me for a day! I didn't realize how much I missed them until I saw them again. 
& Grandma took me out for a little lunch date up here in Logan which was so fun. Notice the pink roses. She's the cutest. 
I also have the best room mates in the world that made this DELICIOUS cake for me and invited a few friends over for a surprise birthday celebration. 
plus birthday packages literally made my life keep em coming guys!! (jk but really I'm so grateful for all the sweet gestures my family has done for me in my time up here. I love them so much!)