It seems like every season this year we've had a little friend seasonal photoshoot. Fall, winter, and now spring isn't the exception. The butterfly garden was the absolute perfect place to have it. Ever since going to the butterfly habitat in the smithsonian this summer I have wanted to have a full on photoshoot in one and I couldn't believe we actually had one her in Vegas! 
A nice old man named Frank taught us a few tricks on how to pick the butterflies up on your finger. Major shoutout to Frank he's the realest.
 lol at the one not blurry picture that I got with my new friend. It's okay Syd you tried!!
this is a rare pic of me and my minions in our undisguised form. 
I will always miss the random Wednesdays that we have random photoshoots after school. I love these girls with my whole heart. 



This week it was my bestie Syd Stagg's birthday!!! To celebrate the occasion we went out and treated ourselves to some dessert at Serendipity 3. Lol at me because I ordered an entire Forbidden Broadway Sundae ("Chocolate Blackout Cake, Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream, Hot Fudge, Topped with Whipped Cream") for just myself. The first 3 bites were so so delicious but after that I was stuffed and made everybody pick off of it hah! I have no shame though because Sadie also ordered an entire piece of cheesecake for herself and nobody warned her that it was half the size of her. The night became the hugest adventure after we saw on Cara Loren's snap chat story that she was down on the Las Vegas Strip at Shake Shack. We booked it down there not realizing how far it was (1.1 miles to be exact). So on top of eating a mountain of dessert, I ran what should have been a 20 minute distance in around 7 and definitely thought I was going to throw up (don't worry I didn't hah!) We of course just barely missed her but while wandering around we came across a street DJ putting on a show for the bystanders. We put in a few of our own little requests along with a birthday shoutout to Syd and got practically the whole area to join in dancing. Later on Syd told me she was craving a dance party like that all week so I'm glad even though we didn't run into one of our favorite bloggers, we still made all of Syd's birthday dreams come true. If you didn't see it already, all of the the misadventure was filmed and put on the vlog if you care to watch (it's also at the bottom of this post!)
all mine^
I'm going to seriously miss this crew in a few months. 



 I feel like I haven't had just a regular real life post for so long. I thought I would put together this little compilation of pictures & thoughts from lately. 
A few weekends ago was General Conference. It's always the best thing to be able to hear the wise words of the general authorities. I think that in the midst of difficult trials their words are even more valuable and that certainly was the case this time around. 
  A lot of people I talk to think that being forgiving makes you weak. There should be no shame in forgiveness. There is nothing wrong with having a tender heart. Even when people colossally disappoint me, I can hardly find it in myself to confront them. I'm realizing now that it is a good quality. There is a really fine line between being soft while still standing up for yourself and we are all trying to find it. In the long run though, there's nothing wrong with leaning towards being soft. When it comes down to it, that is the more Christ like thing to do. I'm working on keeping my composure internally as well as I do externally and be genuinely forgiving. When it's all said and done, the person you hurt most by holding a grudge is only yourself. 
It's really been on my mind lately how self absorbed we can be. Myself included. When things are going your way it's easy to get caught up in it and disregard others, sometimes even the friends you care about most. I'm making it a goal to be more inclusive of others and mindful of how my actions can affect their feelings. I've heard it said from lots of people (especially now that high school is almost over for us and the only friendships that are lasting are the ones that are nourished) that you shouldn't care about people who don't care about you. To an extent, I get that, but if it were everybody's mantra, nobody would care about anybody! Let's all try to not be hypocritical, exclusive, and blind side each other. Be a sincere friend. 
 Syd & Mads' craft camp was such a success! All of the girls were such sweethearts and made awesome projects. If you missed the vlog you can see it here
Syd texted me this picture of a letter one of the girls gave her after camp was over. It was the sweetest little thing and made camp 10 times more rewarding.
 Don't let the pictures and vlog fool you though. Crafting with 30 8 year olds is no easy task. By the end of the night we had both been on our feet the entire day (me filming a wedding video and Syd sticking around to help the girls). The only thing that could help us was some Pei Wei takeout (so suitable for post craft camp because all of those funds went to our Thailand trip) and the movie The Intern. We didn't last longer than 30 minutes before we crashed- Syd's mom snapped this pic of us all curled up on the couch. I am so grateful for Sydney and all of the fun things she supports me with. 
 The boys are starting to get their mission calls which is CRAZY! If you missed that vlog it's here
Remember even on your saddest days, things are totally gonna work out! Try your best, be kind, and good things will come. 



For the past few weeks I have been working super hard on a really time consuming (but really rewarding) project! WWW.MADISONPRITTFILMS.COM is finally up and running!! I've wanted to create a separate website that focuses more on the business aspect of things for quite some time but have just now gotten around to it. From now on you can expect to see business and all that stuff there and the little excerpts of my life will stay here. It means the world to me that you're following along on this crazy adventure. Expect to see some more renovations these next couple weeks as I put the finishing touches on it all. I am so excited to keep doing what I love on a more polished corner of the web. I also have a pretty demo reel that everything on the website is kind of centered around but the full version can be watched here!



 Monday night I was on the phone with my homeboy (the one and only) Corbin Ballard talking about his awesome new job with Haugen Creative and basically just how cool he is when the brilliant idea was brought up for me to fly down to Salt Lake City to take some pictures with him. He took my family pictures last November and they have been hanging in practically every frame in our house. We joked for a second about how cool it would be and I asked my parents not expecting them to say yes at all. But they did. I checked flights (since I would be flying standby) and by a perfect alignment of stars there was one that left LAS the next day at 9:30 then arrived in SLC at 11:45 and another one that left SLC at 7:30 then arrived back in LAS at 8:15. I checked into it and printed off my boarding passes then was good to go. Corbin picked me up from the airport, we went to the City Creek Mall so I could find some clothes to wear then started shooting. I seriously am so happy about how they turned out. Corbin is the best. I managed to narrow it down to my top 53 favorites. I'm sorry for the selfie overload.
we stopped in Restoration Hardware (Corbin's future home) so we could pretend it was my current home. 
 I was so excited that the capital building's cherry blossom trees were in full bloom. There is absolutely nothing better than pink trees. 
 quick behind the scenes. #mylipglossiscoolmylipglossispoppin
Corbin said this was one of his favorites. I hope it's not because you can hardly see my face. 
peace out high school.